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We define and implement value creation initiatives that dramatically improve cash flow and transfer knowledge to your teams on every engagement

Strategic Advisory & Shoulder-to-Shoulder Implementation
Investments in Technology and Manufacturing


Our approach to private investments begins with understanding complex situations, structuring ‘win-win’ transactions, and collaborating on value creation, leveraging our data-driven and shoulder-to-shoulder methods

Our Difference

We believe that just delivering a plan isn’t enough. Value creation means real implementation and realized cash flow improvement. We are experienced operators who have been there and have hands-on experience getting it done — we thrive on execution. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with company leadership to implement initiatives and to transfer knowledge to teams.

Why Quadrillion?

Sustainable Results in Trusted Partnership

Many of the world's premier private equity firms, management teams, and family offices trust us to drive real value in their portfolio companies. To date, our initiatives have generated over $2B in enterprise value in technology, manufacturing, industrial, consumer, and service businesses.

Practical Solutions & Hands On Implementation

Unlike many other consulting firms, we are data-driven experts who partner closely on implementation to make sure that the value created is 'sticky.' We define a clear set of critical path initiatives and, as previous operators, we love to "roll-up-our-sleeves" to get it done.

Data Driven Insights with Advanced Analytics

Our toolkit includes deep practical experience in databse design, advanced analyics, AI, automation, and technology solutions. Data tools are especially critical game changers for companies undergoing digitial transformation in manufacturing, marketing & sales, and planning & allocations.

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