Who We Are

We have been C-level executives, line operators, investors, advisors, and data hounds for decades. Our team has a strong track record in value proposition development, in business transformation, and in profit improvement, which we believe must be hands-on, data-centric, and practical. Our focus is always on improving enterprise value for owners and managers.

Why Quadrillion

Experienced in complex situations

We believe that a partnership model with management teams is a critical foundation for success.

Rooted in initiative based operational private equity approaches

Our 10^15 Method defines a clear set of critical path activities as part of a prioritized, data-driven decision making process.

Applied practical advanced analytics

We make advanced analytics practical and understandable for management teams to predict future outcomes in their businesses.

Our Approach


  • Listen intently
  • Engage and commit like owners
  • Gather new ideas and empower people
  • Solve challenging problems
  • Implement practical outcomes
  • Improve enterprise value

Creating a nexus between actions and profit growth

Quadrillion’s 10^15 Method pinpoints the critical 10 initiatives that will dramatically improve cash flow in the first 15 months after an investment is made.

10^15 Method

Private investments powered by advanced analytics

within reach for the middle market, with the right equity partner

Companies who use Advanced Analytics:

  • outperform their peers
  • make better, faster decisions
  • have more predictable processes and results

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Interactive and collaborative approach

At Quadrillion, governance means collaboration. We partner with managers to enable portfolio company success and profit generation.

In each investment, we implement a robust set of highly transparent governance processes including, defining objectives, establishing collective goals , and measuring outcomes.

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