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The Problem

Most Enterprise Projects in Information Technology (IT) and Digital Enablement Struggle.  The Facts Speak for Themselves:
–  14 % of Projects Fail Outright
–  31 % of Projects Didn’t Achieve Their Goals
–  43% of Projects Exceeded Their Budgets
–  49% of Projects Were Late

The Solution

Quadrillion Partners’ Playbooks in Digital Enablement and IT Delivery Focus Managing Your Portfolio of Digital Projects Differently.  We Start From the Premise That Agile and Smaller Efforts Are Better and Work Collaboratively With You To Manage Projects and Outcomes In Ways That Empower Your Teams and Deliver on the Results You Need.


Our Approach to Project Definition and Delivery Allows Our Clients to Improve Their Track Record of Delivery, Whether Measured on the Financial Impact of Their Projects Portfolio (ROI), the Cycle Time to Delivery, or the Timeliness of Delivery (On Time Performance).

Related Case Study


Entertainment Co, a $6B Company, spends hundreds of millions on digital and information technology projects.  Management was frustrated with delivery cycle times, cost overruns, and value delivered.

Quadrillion Partners undertook an extensive review of the project portfolio, the delivery track record, processes related to delivery, and activities undertaken by teams.

By re-engineering the delivery process and rearchitecting the project portfolio, Entertainment Co was able to deliver more projects faster, on-time, and on-budget.

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Entertainment Company

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