What is Governance?

For each equity investment, we implement a robust set of transparent processes including defining objectives, establishing goals, and measuring outcomes across the organization for all stakeholders from the board of directors through to frontline employees.

Aligned together, the entire organization, from top to bottom, executes to a carefully defined set of initiatives and strategies in a 10^15 Plansm to improve profits and growth.

Quadrillion Governance

We work together in a variety of settings

Key Performance Indictors (KPIs)
We develop dashboards for each functional owner in the business, so they know in an instant what’s working and what’s not in order to help them manage better. What you measure, gets better because you can react to it.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
We establish goals by team, by individual, and by executive owner in each Company we acquire. We use OKRs as a way to identify relevant objectives and desired outcomes and we strive to assess performance routinely.

Quarterly Board Reviews (QBRs)
We establish quarterly Board meetings, and we leverage relationships with our Board members to make strategic introductions, to ensure proper fiduciary oversight, and to consider investments in promising growth initiatives


We invite industry leaders and other experts to visit with our management teams to share learnings, learn about industry best practices and to provide teams with opportunities to iterate and expand their 10^15 Planssm.

Collaboration & Discipline

In the late 1770s, Independence Hall served as a backdrop to the creation of a new government founded on the sharing of power and collaboration. Our philosophy stems from the same set of principles – transparency, open debate, and iterative problem solving.

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