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The Problem

Data architecture is the plumbing that enables companies to function.  The goal of any data architecture service is to show the company’s infrastructure how data is acquired, transported, stored, queried, and secured. Data architecture is the foundation of any data strategy, but it’s often poorly defined and understood.

The Solution

At Quadrillion Partners, we partner with organizations to develop robust data architectures that allow for stronger business processes and better reporting and compliance activities.  


Quadrillion’s data architecture services help companies develop normalized data that can save organizations on storage and other direct costs.  More importantly, a solid data architecture saves organizations time by having single sources of the truth identified and it reduces the risk of failure too by identifying backup procedures.

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A $1.6b technology solutions provider needed to quickly transform their business model, organization, core processes, and digital tools to improve profits and customer delivery cycle time.  

Engaging with quadrillion partners, the transformation accelerated using data driven methods, a coordinated process to improve  delivery on critical initiatives, and newly established metrics to measure performance to goals.

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