Data & Analytics

Data-driven decision making is at the core of what we do. We focus on the activities, practical analytics, and initiatives that are critical to driving value creation. Our proven set of tools, techniques and advanced analytics span several key functional areas.




  • Advanced Excel Modeling
    Development Of Excel Models That Use Uncommon Formulas That Allow For Running Of Various Financial And/Or Process Cases
  • Stochastic Analysis
    Probability Distributions Are Developed And Used As Inputs And Outputs In Excel Based Financial And/Or Process Simulation Models
  • "3-Sheets" Assessment
    Trend Analysis Of P&L, Balance Sheet, And Cash Flow Statements And What-If Analysis On Potential Improvements
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling
    Cash Flow Model That Uses Actual Cash In And Cash Out Transactions To Forecast Day-By-Day Cash Balances
  • DSO Improvement
    Program Targeted To Improve Collections Of Customer Invoices Using New Process, Automation Tools, And Incentives
  • Payables Improvement
    Review Of The Accounts Payable Process With The Goal On Extending Payment Terms Based On Segmenting Supplier Relationships


  • Account Planning
    Development Of Accounts Plans And Go-To-Market Strategies For B2B Customers, Including Definition Of Market Size And Tactics To Improve Sales
  • Classification & Customer Scoring
    Identifying Which Set Of Sub-Populations A New Observation Belongs To On The Basis Of A Training Set Of Data Containing Known Observations
  • Net Promoter Score
    Nps Is An Index Ranging From -100 To 100 That Measures The Willingness Of Customers To Recommend A Company'S Products Or Services To Others
  • CRM & Opportunity Management
    Definition Of Sales Funnel, Adoption Of Sales Review Process, Requirements For New Crm Platform, Adoption And Training Of New Crm For Sales Teams
  • Commissions Assessment
    Audit Of The Existing Sales Commission Plan, Which Is Designed To Reward Performance With A Goal Of Maximized Return On Sales Compensation Spend
  • Share-of-Wallet Improvement
    Share Of Wallet Is The Amount An Existing Customer Spends On A Particular Brand Rather Than Buying From Competing Brands


  • Brand Architecture
    Brand Architecture Is A System That Organizes Brands, Products And Services To Help An Audience Access And Relate To A Brand
  • Chaid / Decision Tree Analysis
    Chaid Analysis Builds A Predictive Model, Or Tree, To Help Determine How Variables Best Merge To Explain The Outcome In The Given Dependent Variable
  • Customer Cluster Analysis
    Grouping A Set Of Objects In Such A Way That Objects In The Same Group Are More Similar To Each Other Than To Those In Other Groups
  • Market Segmentation & Sizing
    Development Of How Large A Market Is And Its Relevant Customer Or Product Segments
  • Product Road Mapping
    A High-Level Visual Summary That Maps Out The Vision And Direction Of Your Product Offering Over Time
  • Sentiment Analysis
    The Interpretation And Classification Of Emotions (Positive, Negative And Neutral) Using Text Analysis Techniques To Identify Customer Sentiment Toward Products, Brands Or Services


  • Procurement Savings Diagnostic
    A Procurement Spending Diagnostic Highlights The Amount Of Total Outside Spend, Develops Spend Categories, And Identifies Areas Of Savings By Category
  • Supply Chain Strategy
    Throughput Is The Amount Of Output That Can Be Processed In A Given Period Of Time
  • Factory Modeling & Consolidation
    Simulation Analysis Is The Process Of Developing A Mathematical Representation Of An Actual Or Proposed Product, Factory, Supply Chain, Or Process In A Computer Model
  • Value Stream Mapping
    Analysis Of The Current And Future State Of A Series Of Events That Take A Product Or Service From The Beginning Of The Specific Process Until It Reaches The Customer
  • Quadrant-5-Data-Lean-and-Supply
  • Quadrant-6-Data-Lean-and-Supply


  • Activity & Spans Analysis
    The Systematic And Objective Evaluation Of The Value Of A Good Or Service And An Assessment Of What Activities Can Be Reduced Or Eliminated To Save Cost
  • Interim & Crisis Management
    We Step In To Fill Chief Restructuring Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Or Chief Information Officer Roles To Stabilize Your Operations
  • Working Capital Improvement
    A Business Strategy Designed To Ensure That A Company Operates Efficiently By Monitoring And Using Its Current Assets And Liabilities To The Best Effect
  • Turnaround Diagnostic & Plan
    A Blueprint And Operational Plan For Both The Immediate Crisis Period And The Successful Long-Term Recovery Of The Business
  • Cash Flow Planning
    Cash Flow Plans Are Strategic Documents That Forecast Cash Inflows And Outflows Over Several Periods
  • Restructuring Quarterbacking
    Manage Restructuring Transactions From Start To Finish, Effectively Resolving Any Financial, Legal, Or Operations Issues That Arise In The Restructuring Process


Digital & IT

  • Digital Transformation
    Development Of Action Plan To Fully Harnesses The Power Of Digital Technology To Rethink Every Aspect Of The Organization
  • IT Software & Portfolio Review
    Segmentation Of Existing Software And Hardware Projects Based On Degree Of Difficulty And Impact To Company
  • AI Strategy & Implementation
    Development Of A Strategy To Implement Intelligent Applications That Include Data, Models, Technology, And Talent Linked To The Overall Business Strategy
  • Data Architecture
    A Set Of Rules, Policies, And Standards That Govern And Define The Type Of Data Collected And How It Is Used, Stored, Managed And Integrated
  • Business Requirements Definition
    Business Requirement Describe The Characteristics Of A Proposed System From The Viewpoint Of The System'S End User
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate Planning
    Audit To Review All Elements Of Physical And Virtual Infrastructure And A Gap Analysis To Understand Weaknesses And Recommendations To Improve Risk