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The Challenge: The Impact of Covid 19 on the Changing Sales and Customer Interactions

Most people agree that sales organizations and salespeople continue to be substantially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a paradigm shift occurring in the way sales interacts with their clients and clients’ expectations on the value both their salespeople and the companies they represent provide.

Challenges today are many and include:

  • Developing high-performance sales teams, when teams are dispersed not just across geographies, but between work at home (WAH) and corporate office settings

  • Managing remote resources effectively in the post-COVID era; salespeople working more autonomously

  • Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging digital tools to convert data to actionable insights and information quickly

  • Customers are increasing their relationships with those suppliers that create the most value and build trust and customer intimacy

  • At the same time, this evolution is underway; the differences between High Performing Sales Organizations vs Underperforming Organizations are very clear

  • And in order to meet or exceed customer expectations, sales leaders need to develop a data driven “end to end sales system that consistently delivers against their sales goals as we transition from pre to post Covid 19 business environment

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Most Sales Studies Confirm that Sales Organizations Underperform Best-in-Class Organizations and Are Not Particularly Confident in Closing Deals

Characteristics of Best-in-Class Sales Organizations

Best-in-class performance means companies excel at every dimension on the Sales Maturity Scale.

Characteristics Best in Class | Quadrillion Partners

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The Solution: Quadrillion Partners “SPC Integrated End to End Sales System”

While Covid 19 has put a spotlight on the new sales paradigm shift; its clear that sales leaders and sales teams are struggling to successfully make the transition to managing remote resources that are working more autonomously.

After more than 30 years of successfully managing small and large scale domestic and international remote resources in sales, marketing, sales operations and IT; Quadrillion Partners has developed the “SPC Integrated end-to-end Sales System” that once operationalized will fuel the transformation and evolution to becoming a High Performing Sales Organization and a step-function change in performance.

SPC Integrated Sales System | Quadrillion Partners

1. Supports effective management of remote resources

2. Strategy and resources aligned to the corporations’ strategic objectives

3. Common set of business tools, playbooks, and processes

4. Set of tools and well-defined forecasting capabilities that drive a more predictable performance to the plan

5. Well written set of individual goals and productive review process

6. Well developed training program to drive a continual learning organization

7. Organizational effectiveness

a. Accountability
b. Resource utilization
c. Organizational alignment vertically and horizontally
d. Maximized resource utilization, productivity, and efficiency

8. Consistent and repeatable results

Our Diagnostic and Plan Implementation Process

  1. Utilize our Sales Diagnostic Tool to identify sales organizational gaps against Best-in-Class
  2. Based on output of Diagnostic Questionnaire and personal interviews develop an organizational improvement plan
  3. Implement and operationalize our “SPC Integrated End-to-End Sales System” with playbooks and training modules
  4. Map out digital transformation plan to improve the ability to convert data to information to enable the organization to make faster decisions
  5. Sales organization begins the transformation journey towards becoming a High Performing Sales Organization

Improving Sales Capability and Revenue Generation

Quadrillion Partners offers three value propositions for customers who want to improve their sales and revenue generation effectiveness.

Improving Sales Capability | Quadrillion Partners

What’s In Each Playbook?

Quadrillion Partners playbooks contain artifacts and tools to boost your sales effectiveness and revenue generation capabilities. 

Playbook Contents | Quadrillion Partners

Benchmark Your Organization Against Best in Class on the Sales Maturity Graph

As part of our sales effectiveness and transformation practice, we have developed a unique Sales Maturity Graph and Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire tools that will:

  1. Allow a sales leader to benchmark his/her sales organization against Best-in-Class by functional area
  2. Provide a detailed data-driven report on strengths, weaknesses and recommended actions by functional area to improve and facilitate the evolution towards becoming Best-In-Class Sales Organization

Sales Capability Maturity Model

At Quadrillion Partners, we work to understand each client’s place on the sales capability maturity curve and develop strategies and actions to facilitate a clients ability to move up the maturity curve to achieve best in class recognition and performance.

What if you could utilize a sales maturity model to benchmark your organization against best-in-class? 

Join other Fortune 500 companies that have leveraged our Sales Diagnostics Questionnaire to become high-performing sales organizations.

Sales leaders can take Quadrillion’s free Sales Diagnostics Questionnaire that benchmarks against best-in-class sales organizations in all functional areas.

Receive a Sales Maturity Assessment that provides a:

  • Detailed data-driven report broken down by functional area (market and account segmentation, sales tools, forecasting, commission plan, ERP utilization, goal development etc.) based on client answers
  • Recommended set of actions to improve team performance broken down by function against the Sales Capability Maturity Model
  • Prioritized set of actions required to move the organization towards becoming a High Performing Sales Organization
  • Free 30-minute session to review the Sales Diagnostic Report with George Stelling and Bob Mahoney who have over 30 years experience in developing high performance teams in Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations and Customer Service at $50M to over S4B publicly traded companies

What is your Sales Maturity Score?

Take our Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire to discover how you rank against other best-in-class sales organizations. Request your assessment today.

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