Improve Your Sales Effectiveness and Grow the Bottom Line

The Problem

Sales  teams are challenged today in ways unimaginable 10 years ago.  Changes in buyer behavior, the move to remote selling, and the adoption of new digital channels and tools are challenging sales teams to meet and exceed sales goals and achieve profitability goals every quarter.  

87% of sales teams underperform best practice and many salespeople lack the professional training needed to excel in their roles.

The Solution

Quadrillion Partners assists clients to define compelling sales strategies, adopt new CRM and analytical tools, segment accounts, manage sales opportunities, and define and align sales commission plans.  

In short, we help companies and sales teams meet and exceed their sales goals,   

Our approach to sales management consulting services has been proven highly successful over time,  and our shoulder-to-shoulder implementation means we transfer knowledge to your sales teams on every engagement.


Our team of former Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) and VPs of Sales Operations lead the our sales management consulting services practice. 


Quadrillion’s impact in sales effectiveness includes:

  • Significant Top Line Sales Growth
  • Dramatic Improvements in Sales Opportunity Conversion Rates
  • Improvement in Gross Margins
  • Significant Improvements in Sales Forecasting and Meeting Quotas on a Consistent Basis.  

Our clients typically realize 5% to 10% improvement in annual sales revenue as part of their engagement with us.  

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Middle market technology supply witnessed stagnant top line sales growth for an extended period.

A new CEO and management team wanted to dramatically improve sales performance

Quadrillion deployed many sales playbooks and new digital tools to:

  • improve market segmentation
  • customer alignment
  • margin management
  • commission payouts
  • opportunity tracking

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Transforming Sales Effectiveness

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