Build Resilient Supply Chains with Simulation Modeling

The Problem

Supply chain consulting is in demand more than ever. Supply chains are getting more complex and the risk of disruption has never been higher.  Shocks to your supply chain from geopolitical events, natural disasters, and contagions as well as increased regulations make defining and managing your supply chain more difficult than ever.  

Over 94% of fortune 1000 companies saw negative impacts to their supply chain from Covid-19.

Most 55% of fortune 1000 companies downgraded their growth plans.

The Solution

We focus on building resilient supply chains by developing a global supply chain management simulation and working closely with you to model out “to be” scenarios that provide you with incremental flexibility.  

Our emphasis revolves around cost management, meeting customer expectations in terms of delivery cycle time, and managing inventory & working capital levels.   


Quadrillion Partners benefit from our data driven supply chain consulting.  Having a working global model from which to manage bottlenecks, manage inventory and working capital, and iterate on alternatives provides management with tools to identify problems in advance and plan for future growth.

Related Case Study


Middle market manufacturing company has plants globally and wanted to understand how best to allocate product builds globally.  

Quadrillion Partners developed a Flexsim global simulation model to replicate current operations by product with customer delivery cycle times.  We then partnered with management to run various scenarios to optimize working capital and manufacturing locations.

FlexSim Manufacturing Model

Case Study in Working Capital Improvement & Factory Consolidation

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