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The Problem

Corporate reorganizations and restructurings can be a great way to unlock value for companies and to innovate and respond to changes in markets.

However, restructuring and reorganizations are fraught with risks.  Loss of customer alignment, misaligned teams and goals, role confusion, unmotivated leaders and employees, and duplication of efforts plague many corporate reorganizations.

– 80% of corporate reorganizations fail to deliver on their target ROI in the time period planned

– 10% of corporate reorganizations cause real damage to company profits and morale

– 60% of corporate reorganizations noticeably reduce corporate productivity

The Solution

We believe reorganizations and restructurings require careful planning, an ability to manage change, and a willingness to iterate and course correct your plan when needed.

Quadrillion Partners playbook on reorganizations and our tools in management change from a data and employee perspective is deep.


Quadrillion’s clients have seen fast payback on their investment in our services for corporate reorganization. Our work delivers immediate value to our clients and focuses the organization on moving forward in a positive way.

reorganization case study


$4B Entertainment Company Needed to Reorganize Its Services Delivery Model, Which Was Spread Across Multiple Sites in the US and Canada.

Company Wanted to Stand Up a New Centralized Shared Services Entity to Improve Delivery in a Cost Effective Way.

Quadrillion Mapped Out a Cross Functional Plan Which Involved Consolidation of Disparate Initiatives Under One Group and the Migration of Employees, Systems, and Capabilities to the New Services Entity with Revised Processes and Metrics. 

Entertainment Reorganization

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