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Customer Segmentation Model drives $40M strategic account growth in Y1

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The Challenge

This client needed to segment customers based on both quantitative and qualitative data.

With a clear growth strategy, the executive team and sales teams needed advanced data segmentation to focus their efforts. All new tools needed to be operationalized via a new strategic accounts program within sales.

Critical questions to answering¬†this client’s necessity to segment customers and allocate resources as they scale included asking “What’s the best way to think about customer segments and tiers?” and also “What internal and external data should be used to segment customers?”

Our Approach

Partnership with sales leadership and executive team to develop segmentation ranking attributes allowing both teams to rank customers associated rank weights based on company’s growth strategy.

New tools for customer segmentation enabled by new data sources, newly developed database on customer sales by product and by salesperson. Using advanced Excel modeling, new model allowed sales to score customers against each new attribute and calculate a total score for each account.

Qualtrics Assessment developed for future use with SQL database and web front-end to undertake segmentation process.

New Customer Segmentation & Segmentation Process

New customer segmentation allows for stronger time and resource focus company-wide. Cross-divisional development of segmentation processes validate accounts and update goals.
$40M Strategic Accounts Revenue Growth
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