High Impact, Cash Focused Advisory Services

We partner with private equity firms, institutional LPs, family offices, and activist management teams at publically traded companies to improve cash flow.  

We identify and implement critical path initiatives that move the needle positively on profitability, improve efficiency, and generate higher exit returns for investors and improved stock valuations for executives and managers.  

Unlike many advisory firms, we implement should-to-shoulder with client teams on cash flow improvement initiatives and to transfer knowledge for sustainable outcomes.

Focused advisory practices

  • Sales operations (strategy, org, tools, process)
  • Sales effectiveness (time, funnel, territories, tools)
  • Pricing (strategy, quotes, loopholes, tools)
  • Contracts (terms, tools)
  • Go-to-Market (strategy, value propositions, implementation)

  • M&A Planning
  • Due Diligence (industry, customer)
  • Post Merger Integration (plan, execution)
  • M&A Screening
  • Deal Quarterbacking

  • AI Readiness and Adoption
  • Cloud strategy and migration
  • IT portfolio planning & thruput improvement
  • Marketing and channel segmentation
  • Advanced analytics implementation / KPIs

  • 100-day cash improvement planning
  • Product, channel, customer profitability assessments
  • Shared services implementation
  • Cost excellence
  • Lean and process improvement initiatives

Example client cases


We strive to capture significant and lasting enterprise value on every engagement we undertake. A few representative examples of our recent client work include:

Pricing Improvement/Gross Margin Capture
$1B internationally based technology company needed to improve its gross margins and believed it could improve its profitability. Our team worked to quantify the value in closing gross margin loopholes in the price management process (quotes, rebates, discounts, contracts), and we developed a critical path action plan, including the selection of a new software system and set of key performance indicators (KPIs), to capture the identified margin value over a defined period of time.
Profitability Assessments
Several Portfolio companies of private equity firms have engaged our team to understand profit drivers and fully burdened profitability by product, by customer, by channel, by geography, and by customer segment. Our team excels at breaking down P&L structures based on activity drivers so managers and owners glean insights to make decisions on when to grow, hold, or prune customers, products, or channels.
Information Technology Portfolio Optimization
$20B portfolio company of a large cap private equity firm needed to improve throughput, cost effectiveness, and alignment of its business needs and its IT portfolio. Our team undertook a root cause analysis of project lateness, alignment, governance, delivery practices, and key performance indicators (KPIs) and developed a new set of roadmaps and improvements in the delivery model that allowed for more rapid delivery of IT projects at lower costs.
Offshore Service Centers in Turnaround Situations
$1B+ portfolio company of large cap private equity firm needed to lower costs in its back office, sales, and marketing functions. Our team worked to define specific areas of opportunity where onshore/offshore service delivery models could be deployed to reduce labor costs while maintaining or improving service levels.
Customer Value Proposition Development - Conjoint
$5Bn truck and specialty vehicle firm wanted to develop product and service bundles for its customers as a means of reducing complexity in its factory set-ups and to capture incremental channel profits. Our team interviewed over 50 dealers to understand potential service offerings and developed a robust conjoint survey that allowed for development of new customer value propositions and bundles as part of new go-to-market strategy.
Middle Market Control Equity Platform Development
Alternative asset manager, as part of a Southwest based family office, wanted to implement a new private equity program. Our team worked to define key processes related to deal origination, screening criteria, LOI templates, due diligence processes, and KPIs. Team evaluated over 60 transactions with the client over a 6 month period, as new team was hired.
Procurement Cost Savings

$3B Silicon Valley technology company needed to reduce its OPEX and to get a new procurement organization enabled to drive costs out of OPEX procured items. Our team architected the new organization, including an off shore analytical team, and developed a supplier consolidation and RFQ process to reduce procured costs by 12% in the first year of operations.

Re-Engineering of Bank Branch Network
Internationally based bank in developing country wanted to reduce its fixed cost infrastructure, while improving service levels in its handling of letter of credit and forex transactions. Our team developed and implemented a detailed restructuring plan, which consolidated branches and moved key transactions online t
o reduce costs, improve delivery, and grow the forex business.

What Our Client’s Say


Test 1

The team has a good nose for value. They are able to diagnose and use their operational experiences to drive positive outcomes quickly and decisively
CEO, International Semiconductor Co.

Test 2

I enjoyed partnering with the firm. They ‘get it’ and they work collaboratively to drive meaningful recommendations that can be implemented.
President, Consumer Products Co. (Private Equity Owned)

Test 3

Quadrillion’s team partnered with us to examine opportunities to improve our gross margins. Their valuation work and recommendations on gross margin improvement in the areas of process, people/skills, KPIs, and tools were ‘spot on’, practical, and highly actionable. I’d recommend them to any company looking to develop new strategies and tactics to improve profitability.

VP, Restructuring and Business Development, International Technology Co.

Test 4

The firm moved quickly and seamlessly through a myriad of complicated business issues. They always remained consistent, calm, fair, and focused on results, while at the same time empowering those around them.
VP, Electronics Co. (Private Equity Owned)

Top tools on engagements – 2018

Sales Funnel Stage Gate Process

Sales Territory Mapping

Sales Time Management Assessment

Pricing Loopholes Assessment

Price Strategy & Quoting Re-Engineering

AI Readiness Assessment

Cloud Strategy & Migration / Adoption

Post Merger Integration

Cost and Procurement Excellence

Advanced Analytics & KPI Adoption

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