Advisory Services

Advisory Services

We bring practical, real-life industry and functional expertise to management teams and private equity sponsors with a partnership approach. Our data-driven diagnostics approach, coupled with “shoulder-to-shoulder” implementation enriches our client’s in-house capabilities ensuring sustainable results.

Growth & Transformation

Growth is strongly correlated with shareholder value. Most companies, however, fail to grow at the rates they desire either because they lack a formal growth plan or they fail to develop the core capabilities and processes needed to grow effectively. Quadrillion works with clients not only to define robust and fact-based growth plans, but we ensure that the right capabilities and processes are in place to facilitate profitable growth at scale


Core Capabilities

  • Growth Strategy
  • Go-To-Market Strategy and Tactics
  • Capability Building/Adjency Maps
  • Process Definition
  • Transformation/Integration

SALES & Marketing effectiveness

Sales & marketing has radically changed over the past decade. Customers are in the driver’s seat and its imperative for companies to rethink their approaches to lead generation and funnel management, customer acquisition & retention, sales operations, and pricing. Table stakes today require companies to undertake new approaches to customer engagement. Sales, marketing and customer service teams must work seamlessly together to drive top line, gross margin and customer experience goals. Our expertise in building processes and training teams including in CRM set-up and adoption, lead management, forecasting, KPIs/OKRs has delivered feedback loops.

Core Capabilities

  • Revenue planning & quotas
  • Commission definition & management
  • Inbound sales & marketing funnel management
  • CRM implementation and adoption
  • Pricing and channel management
  • Marketing mix modelling & promotions


Sometimes companies need to generate cash and remove costs quickly in ways that won’t damage the company in the long term. We are experts in financial restructuring and organization improvement. Our tried and true toolkit includes the rapid development of 13-week cash flow models, revamping of organizations based on core activity analysis, streamlining processes and working capital management.

Core Capabilities

  • 13-week cash flow model
  • Organizational spans, layers and activity analysis
  • Cash collections (DSO uplift)
  • Supplier negotiations (payables improvement)
  • Inventory management (Finished goods & WIP)


Increasingly, companies are rethinking their supply chains and the risks that overextended and global supply chains pose to continuity of supply. At Quadrillion, we have worked closely with plant managers, COOs, CFOs, and supply chain leaders to map existing factory and supply chain footprints, to rethink supplier strategies and inventory levels, and to develop new risk adjusted strategies that allow for better flexibility at acceptable costs. Our ability to simulate supply chains and plant dynamics down to the machine level and apply lean techniques make us the preferred partner for companies who want a risk adjusted supply chain that is flexible during periods of turbulence and growth alike.

Core Capabilities

  • Supply Chain Throughput Analysis
  • Factory Throughput & Bottleneck Assessment
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Inventory Optimization & Advanced Analytics
  • Lean Techniques
  • Computer Simulation


The M&A market continues to grow, as mergers (and divestitures) continue to be a focus for value creation. We have worked in M&A for several decades providing guidance and analysis to ensure a successful transaction including M&A screenings, adjacent business analysis, quarterbacking deal due diligence, post-acquisition value creation planning and implementation, and in pre-sale value creation. Our experience includes deep expertise as private equity investors and operating partners, where we’ve worked closely at all stages of the investment lifecycle to create operational and financial value.

Core Capabilities

  • Market assessment & acquisition screening
  • Market, customer & supplier due diligence
  • Operational value creation modelling
  • Pre-acquisition integration planning
  • Valuation assessment
  • Divestiture assessment and spin-off analysis


A company’s brand strength, or how customers view and interact with the brand, can be a strong competitive advantage. Though many in the C-suite understand this, many CMOs find themselves constantly needing to justify their marketing and brand spend. The strongest, most enduring brands result from disciplined alignment of brand strategies and plans with customer requirements and a strong link to ROI.

Core Capabilities

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand health and loyalty assessment
  • Customer analysis, segmentation and market research
  • Omnichannel marketing & campaign creation and management


Traditional IT organizations have migrated from experts in back office systems management and infrastructure to the forefront in terms of development of customer facing apps, the adoption of new tools to evolve the business model, and a focus on security and countering cyber threats. We have decades of experience working with CIO and CTOs to improve impact on the organization, to retool IT portfolios, to improve speed to market, and to improve SaaS based models.

Core Capabilities

  • IT strategy & portfolio optimization
  • R&D pipeline management
  • Resource and service management
  • Digital enablement & road mapping
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Advance analytics and AI enablement