High Impact Advisory & Private Investments

Quadrillion Partners is a management advisory and a private investments firm.

Quadrillion Partner’s management advisory practice partners with private equity firms, institutional LPs, family offices, and activist management teams of publicly traded firms in the technology and industrial markets.  Simply put, we define and implement innovative strategies that dramatically improve cash flow.  Our approach includes the use of advanced analytics and shoulder-to-shoulder implementation with client teams to increase the probability of value capture on every initiative we undertake.

Quadrillion Partners private investment focus on complex situations – owner/operator transitions, restructurings, carve-outs, take-privates, transformations, turnarounds, and companies underperforming their peer group – where we bring deep investment, operational and management expertise and a strong cash flow improvement orientation.




High Impact Advisory Services in
Commercial Excellence, Digital, M&A, and Restructuring

We assist private equity firms, institutional investors, and activist management teams to create value in specific portfolio companies.

We identify and implement critical path activities that move the needle on profitability, improve efficiency, and generate higher exit returns for investors, all leveraging our strategic, operational, and advanced analytics capabilities and differentiated set of tools and implementation methods to improve the probability of success on every initiative you undertake.

We identify and implement insights that improve cash flow in the areas of Commercial Excellence, Digital, M&A, and Restructuring.  Our implementation approach is hands-on, working shoulder-to-shoulder with client teams to capture value and transfer knowledge.

Focused Private Investments

Quadrillion Partners pursues control equity investment opportunities in the middle market that can benefit from our robust approach to value creation.

Cash flow and insights enhanced by
advanced analytics

We live in a world where structured and unstructured information and data is growing exponentially every minute of every day.

Quadrillion Partners has exceptional expertise in harnessing existing and new data, gleaning insights from all types of data, and helping companies make better decisions to improve cash flow.

Cross-Functional Team – exceptional experience and capabilities

Our team is cross-functional and brings real-world know-how to our clients that improve the probability of success on each initiative.


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Management Consulting


Line Operators & C-Level Management


Information Technology & Data Science


Investment Banking


Board Governance

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