Companies who use advanced analytics are 2X more profitable (Bain & Company research)

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The Amount of Data in the World is Exploding

By 2020, the world will experience

amount of data

number of smartphones


the growth of M2M transactions

number of M2M devices

Source: EMC^2; Redwood Capital, M2M Sector Review. M2M = Machine to Machine transactions

Our 10^15 Method makes advanced analytics practical and understandable. Gone are the buzzwords and ‘in’ are a set of actionable, focused analytics that improve decision making

Advanced analytics enhance every 10^15 Plansm and drive operational improvements across all key areas

Each plan begins with a thorough understanding of existing data. Next, we enhance this data with new and emerging data sources. We structure ‘tests’ to glean meaningful insights that are implemented to improve profits.

How to harness the data – example tools

A/B Testing

Big Data Clusters

Big Data Trending

Bottleneck Analysis

CHAID / Decision Tree Analysis


Cluster Analysis

Customer Scoring

Data Integration

Kanban (Pull System)

Network Analysis


Pattern Recognition


Root Cause Analysis

Sentiment Analysis



Stochastic Analysis

Stochastic Process Modeling

Text Mining / Text Analytics

Throughput Analysis

Time Series Analysis

Value Stream Mapping

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