STRATEGY DEVELOPMENTDefine and adopt innovative fact based strategies and ideas in particular product families
Benchmark and reduce costs, consistent with industry “next practices”
GROSS MARGIN IMPROVEMENT(GMI)Generate additional gross margin dollars and improve gross margin yield
ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENTInterface with customers and suppliers in new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency and innovate
VALUE PROPOSITION OPTIMIZATIONDevelop new product, service and delivery models
WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENTOversee the management of working capital to ensure better cash flow


Lighting the Critical Path to Grow Profits

We strive to expand profits by defining and executing on a set of well-planned, high impact, critical initiatives.

The 10^15 Method: Systematic Value Creation

Not all company situations are alike.  Our 10^15 Plansm uncovers specific actions that managers and our team can undertake to expand profits and cash flow in each advisory or investment opportunity.

Traditional approaches to value creation are often academically interesting, but practically flawed. We tailor each value creation plan (the “Plan”) with a prioritized set of initiatives to improve cash flow in critical areas including gross margin, sales, channel management, costs, and working capital management.

Each Plan coalesces around data, critical actions, human capital, and measurements to ensure that breakthroughs are achieved and insights are implemented for meaningful long-term value creation.

Operational private equity methods, fueled by advanced analytics and supported by collaborative and disciplined implementation, are the cornerstones of our approach.

Advanced Analytics

Disciplined Implementation

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